At The Hancock Group, Inc. we assist our clients in helping them to achieve their financial independence by: 


Developing a consistent
savings/investment plan

Preparing for
a comfortable retirement

Providing for all of the
unexpected events in life

Whatever your goals,
we can help you get there.

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Life Insurance Life insurance is a key part of any financial plan. What would happen to your family if you were no longer there to take care of them? What dreams do you have for them? What dreams do they have for themselves? Are those dreams possible without you in the picture? Life insurance is unlike any other financial product. What other assets can you to transfer to your loved


Fixed Annuities Retirement Dreams: Something to Think About… When you think retirement, do you think fixed investment? If so, then your retirement savings might be gradually eaten away by taxes and inflation. Though they offer safety and liquidity, some investments do not offer tax deferral or penalty free access to money. The Power of Tax Deferral If you are in a 28% tax bracket and have a taxable investment earning


IRA Retirement For Individuals Which retirement savings options are right for you? The answer depends on your individual circumstances and number of years until retirement. It also depends on other factors such as availability and type of investment choices, fees, tax considerations, and accessibility of your funds. For many investors, an IRA may be a great answer. An IRA can be an excellent way to save for and generate income


Charitable Planning Did you know that there is more money given to charities in the United States than in any other country in the world? In 2003, more than $2,046,921,512,436 was given to non-profit agencies, which does not include money given to organizations not registered. Have you ever thought about charitable giving as part of your family's planning? One common misperception is that people don't feel that they have enough

Employee Benefits

Short Term Disability Short term disability can be a very important employee benefit. Since the majority of disability claims last less than six months, a short term disability plan can be extremely beneficial. STD plans are usually set up to include elimination periods for both accident and sickness. For example, a plan might have a 0/8 elimination period which means 0 day elimination for accidents and 8 days for sickness

Our Team

Craig M. Kilmer | Vice President | The Hancock Group

Craig serves as Vice President of The Hancock Group, Inc. and provides leadership and direction for the firm.  Craig...

Robert Donlan | Chief Operating Officer | The Hancock Group

As Chief Operating Officer of The Hancock Group, Inc., Rob provides oversight of day-to-day operations, technology, and...

Jill M. Hannah | Managing Director | The Hancock Group

Managing Director of The Hancock Group, Inc. Jill has been associated with the organization since 1974 and has been...

Walter J Sedlock III | Member, Secretary | The Hancock Group

Wally serves as a member of the board of directors, and as Secretary, of The Hancock Group, Inc.  Also, as President...

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Rob Donlan, a native of Altoona, an advisor and co-owner at The Hancock Group, Inc., began his career as the company's first intern...