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Vision & Dental


One of the best values in an employee benefits package today is vision insurance. It is a low cost benefit that almost all of your employees need. After all, how many people do you know who wear corrective lenses? In fact, currently 150 million Americans wear corrective lenses, with an annual cost of approximately $3 billion. Did you know that you could provide vision coverage for your employees for less than eleven cents per day? Well you can!!!

Helping employees take care of their vision is an important part of a well rounded benefits package. In fact, a 1999 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management shows that more than half (58%) of businesses with fewer than 100 employees offer vision insurance. DO YOU???


If you are concentrating on only the medical portion of your employee benefits package, you may be overlooking an important benefit that your employees need and would greatly appreciate.

  • Dental insurance is ranked as one of the most valued employee benefits. (Higher than paid sick leave and short and long-term disability.)
  • Studies find that approximately 80% of employees feel that dental insurance was "important" to their decision to accept a job offer.
  • Dental benefits help maintain productivity. Over 164 million hours are lost each year in the United States due to dental problems.

Dental insurance stands out to employees. It is a benefit that is greatly used and appreciated. There are many dental carriers out there with a large variety of plans and benefit structures. Options include voluntary plans and traditional employer sponsored plans with indemnity, PPO and DMO options. Let us help you find the plan that will best meet your financial and benefit needs!